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Relationships are one of the fundamental “3 R’s” of Happiness, as I call them (the “3 R’s” are Relationships, Rules, and Regrets).

Everyone, regardless of their personal Definition of Happiness can be happier and more fulfilled if they have the best, deepest, highest-quality relationships.

Everything from marriage to sex to finding (and connecting) with the right partner can be explored – and improved – in this section of the website. Even relationships like friendships and family relationships are explored and addressed. Click on any of the buttons below which represent issues to address in your relationships ... to make you happier!

Each of these buttons will take you to an area of the website dedicated to that specific topic and will contain lots of information, strategies, and tools you can use immediately to improve that area of your life.

If you want to date more, for example, and have better dates, click on the "Dating" button. If you want a better, more passionate sex life, just click on the "Sex" button above. It's that easy.

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