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Happy employees are more productive and loyal.

Happy students are more committed and motivated.

Happy customers become raving fans.

So bring Jimmy in to speak at your organization, school, college, university, or company (just fill out the form at the bottom of this page).

In as little as an hour, he will create positive change which could last a lifetime and benefit everyone - including you!

You'll BeHappy! you did ... guaranteed*

*Guarantee: Jimmy's goal is to over-deliver, so if after your event you feel the value he provided was not worth more than his fee, you pay nothing.

Seminars, Programs, Keynotes and Workshops

Stress Management

Happiness, for many people, means living a stress-free (or lower stress) life. Life is stressful, so if you need to reduce the stress in your life, let Jimmy come into your company, organization, or group and show you how.

And if you need personal, one-on-one help, click here to access personal e-coaching (you can get a FREE session, too).

The BeHappy! Workshop: Create happy, productive, loyal team members (employees)

Happy employees are more productive and loyal - which, in turn, helps build a more successful company. This workshop will help your team become happier, more fulfilled, more focused and more productive.

The C.O.R.E.(R) Corporate Culture Builder

This proprietary business-building corporate culture strategy was developed by Jimmy and used by him as CEO of two companies to help build a cohesive, productive team.

Create Your Happiest Possible Life

Choose a 60-90 minute keynote speech or a 3-6 hour workshop to give you and your team the tools they need to be happy and fulfilled.

Custom Speeches and Workshops

Jimmy will customize a speech, program, workshop, or event for you. Just fill out the form below and we'll contact you right away to help make your event outstanding.

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