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Happiness is a broad, diverse topic ... and happiness is different for everyone.  Not only that, everyone wants to be happy.  It's just human nature.

So, it probably comes as no surprise that there are thousands of articles written every year on the subject.  

This page is a comprehensive resource for you to find information and advice from various magazines, journals, websites, and other media (in addition to right here at on just about anything you need to fulfill your own personal Definition of Happiness.

Just look below for a comprehensive list of articles on topics to help you improve your:

  • Quality of life
  • Relationships
  • Health, fitness, and longevity
  • Finances and Income
  • Job or Career
  • Ability to manage and reduce stress
  • Ability to deal with adversity
  • Spirituality
  • Fun and adventure
  • and much more




For more info on happiness, take advantage of the great FREE resources here at

So, below - on the left side of the page - is a list of some of the most popular original articles (by me) here at

On the right side of the page is a list of articles which have appeared on other websites, in magazines, and in newspapers throughout the world over the past couple of years. These are updated regularly, so check back whenever you want to read one of the latest articles on the topic of happiness.


General Happiness

Happiness 101

Contentment: Does it Equal Happiness?

What is YOUR Definition of Happiness?

Change Your Rules

Adventure and Happiness

Don't Watch The News

Religion as a Way to Deal with Adversity

Death and Happiness

Don't Worry

Eliminate Stress and Anxiety Fast

Eliminate Unhappiness

Find Your Passion

Find Your Purpose

Have More Fun and Free Time

Happiness and Goal Setting (series)

Being Grateful

The "Happiness Formula"


Be Happy to Create Great Relationships

The Relationship "Happiness Loop"

Sex and Happiness

I'm Just Not "In The Mood"

Income & Wealth

Achieve Financial Freedom

Do What You Love for Your Job or Career

Build Your Own Money-Making Website

Multiple Streams of Income

Internet Marketing Income

Internet Marketing 101

Health & Fitness

A Guide to Healthy Living

Exercise Your Way to Greater Happiness

Healthy Eating

Better Weight Management


Can Money Really Buy You Happiness?

Why We are Terrible at Predicting Happiness

Researching Happiness

Achieving Happiness: Make Full Use of Your Talents

Why Doctors Care About Happiness

Harvard researchers discover the one thing everyone needs for happier and healthier lives

The measurement of happiness is important

A Harvard lecturer reveals 5 science-backed secrets to being happier

'Happiness is the key to success' for Washington grads

Mental illness affects us all — even in the happiest country on Earth

Daily Inspiration: The Key to Happiness

Love & Appreciation is the key to true happiness

Gross National Happiness Index

Happiness is overrated

Getting Serious About Happiness

Why Happiness is Healthy

A Happy Life May Not Be A Meaningful Life

6 Natural Ways to Feel Happier

Happiness at Any Age

How to Be Happy: 3 Secrets to Everyday Happiness

The Elusive State of Happiness

How to Live to be 101

Can Happiness Improve Heart Health?

Research: Happiness Breeds Health

What Happy Couples Talk About

Six ways to Keep from Drifting Apart

5 Fast Fixes for a Stronger Relationship

Top 10 Ways to Be Happy at Work

Is Happiness at Work Essential?

Passion at Work is Path to Happiness in Life

The Real Value of Happiness at Work

Find Happiness At Work

Happiness: Ultimately It's Genetic

How Are Happiness and Sadness Like Diseases?

Can Money Buy Happiness?


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