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It is estimated that by the year 2030, 50% of the U.S. population will be obese and 30% will have diabetes.  And, the rest of the world is not far behind.  Even worse, by 2200, everyone will be overweight at the current rate.  

There are many reasons for this (other than genetics).  Two important reasons are: (1) our eating habits and
(2) incorrect (false) information (some of it intentional).   Just read the "True Health Crisis" to the right to understand. 

1.  Our Eating Habits

In most developed countries today, our food is highly processed and full of substances that are damaging to our bodies.  And this is the stuff that's supposed to be "healthy" - like low fat foods, "diet" foods, and the like.

Then there's the really unhealthy stuff - like "fast foods", chemically-laden  products, and genetically modified substances that substitute for food. 

All of these things, including low-fat products and "diet" sodas, are contributing to our obesity epidemic.  That's because we have been using the wrong information for the past several decades.

2.  Incorrect Information

As stated above, we have believed that a low fat diet - along with strenuous aerobic exercise - is the way to reduce weight.  This has obviously not worked.  Low fat foods are being consumed regularly and people are doing aerobic workouts more than ever before.  And yet, obesity continues to rise (along with many other chronic diseases and conditions). 


Because the latest information suggests that ideal weight management and health are best achieved by a higher fat, low carbohydrate eating plan, which is completely opposite of what we have been told over the past several decades.

One example of this new eating strategy is the Paleo nutrition plan.  You can learn all about it by clicking here.  It is one of the eating plans getting very popular today for both weight management and healthy living. 

Regarding exercise, it is also now being found that weight management is best achieved by regular, fun, low-level activity rather than the high intensity, aerobic, monotonous (treadmill-like) exercise we have been told is the way to go for so many years.  In fact, this high intensity exercise is now being shown to be unhealthy!  

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Obviously, weight management and health are difficult subjects to address in a short article like this.  It is important that we all get the best, latest information.  So, click on the links above to learn more.  At the very least, get my ebook.  You can also click here to for the weight loss products and strategies which seem to be effective right now. 

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