A Guide to Healthy Living

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Our world is experiencing a health crisis - and it's getting worse.  Obesity is an epidemic, diseases like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's Disease, auto-immune diseases, and depression continue to rise, and most people past age 70 are on at least 4 prescription medications.

This trend MUST change - and it can change!! 

Unfortunately, some of the information we have thought for decades to be facts may not be true.  Examples are:

  • Cholesterol is the cause of heart and arterial disease
    (probably not)
  • Low fat diets can help reduce weight
    (probably not)
  • Certain foods thought to be healthy may actually be unhealthy, and may cause some diseases, like cancer (definitely so)

This new ebook - A Guide to Healthy Living - is intended to start you on a path to understanding the truth about how to live happier, healthier and longer - while reducing your chances of getting a chronic disease later in life (like heart disease or cancer) and minimizing the need for prescription medications in your "golden years".

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