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Hi, I'm Jimmy, the creator of BeHappy! - a comprehensive system designed to help you lead your happiest possible life. That is my ultimate objective for you. And to help achieve that objective, let me take you on this "tour" of BeHappy101.com to help you navigate easily throughout the site and get the most from your experience.  Click here or just read the box to the right to get to know me a bit better.

Getting the Most from this Website

There is a lot to experience here at BeHappy101.com. So much, in fact, that it can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be – because this page can help you get to wherever you want to go on the site – and achieve whatever improvement in your life you feel you need or want. So, here are some simple steps to help you navigate easily to where you want to go:

Step 1: Get an autographed copy of BeHappy! now for FREE (and also get a FREE copy of BeHappy! at Work and A Guide to Healthy Living) - yes, all three books FREE - by clicking on the "ORDER FREE NOW!" button here (just pay shipping)...

Step 2: Bookmark this site by clicking on this bookmark link:

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In fact, I would love it if you actually made it your default homepage – so it’s the first thing you see everyday.

There are many reasons for this. First, every morning between 5:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. (365 days a year) I put up the BeHappy! Thought for Today. This Thought is a quote about happiness, motivation, relationships, spirituality, or money. Use it daily to inspire you or just put a smile on your face. I have committed to posting this Thought every morning, and I have rarely missed one since I started it on February 1st, 2009. So make your own commitment to use it each and every day to make you happier. It will help you achieve your happiest possible life.  This button appears on many pages throughout the site (including the homepage) so you can click on it to get to the daily Thought quickly.

The second reason for bookmarking this page is because there are many times throughout the day where you should come to the site for the mental “boost” you might need.

Daily life can be tough. Don’t let it affect your productivity at work or your happiness in life. Read an article or a joke, post a comment on how you make yourself happier (as a contribution to other visitors), or just look up a strategy on dealing with adversity. Whatever you need, you can get to it quickly by bookmarking BeHappy101.com now.

Step 3: Subscribe FREE to The BeHappy! Newsletter

BeHappy! is a comprehensive “system” designed to create the happiest possible life for everyone. The BeHappy! Newsletter is an integral part of that system. It provides a regular (currently bi-monthly) supplement to what you’ll find on this website, in the book, and within the E-Coaching process. Use them all to make your life better. To subscribe FREE to the newsletter, just fill in the information in the boxes to the right and you'll start getting the benefits of the newsletter with the next issue (you can also get immediate access to all back issues).

Step 3: Explore the Various Topics within BeHappy101.com

Throughout the site, you’ll find three main ways to navigate the site quickly and easily.

First, on the homepage are "icons" for the 4 main happiness areas of the site.
Here they are  (you can click on each of them to go to that specific section):

Next, at the top of every page is a "Navigation Bar".  It contains important commonly-searched areas within the site if you are looking for happiness or health products, want to find an article or blog post on a certain topic, or just want to get back to the homepage quickly. It also gets you to the registration page of The Happiness Academy, a six-month comprehensive course on happiness.

Click on any of the topics on that bar to get there immediately,

Next, for a 3-minute "summary" of what you can expect to get from the BeHappy! system, TURN UP THE VOLUME ON YOUR SPEAKERS and click on the video below to get a summary of what's here...

This is what you can expect here at BeHappy101.com.  It is truly your one-stop-shop to help you live a happier, more fulfilled life.

And, that's not all.  There are three buttons you'll find throughout the site that you can click on which look like this:

Click on each of these right now to check them out. 

The middle (blue) button is on the homepage and will take you to a new happiness-building quote which is put up new everyday.  

And, since most of the information here at BeHappy101.com is free, I would sure appreciate it if you would click on the left (green) button to donate to the cause (which is to help spread health and happiness around the world). 

Any amount, no matter how big or small, is greatly appreciated.

Yes, there is a lot of stuff here at BeHappy101.com!!!

Here's a list of just some of the articles and information on this site to help get you started on your exciting journey:


Happiness – General

Happiness – Children

Happiness – Science

Happiness – Tips

Happiness - Holidays


Sex & Happiness

Career and Job Happiness

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Money & Wealth

Success & Motivation


Positive Psychology

Stress & Stress Management


Life Balance



Weight Loss

Use all these resources to help you live your happiest possible life.  I am certain you will be happy you did.

BeHappy! my friends


If the information on this site helps you and you'd like to make a donation to BeHappy101.com (to help make others happy), please click on the button below to make a contribution. The amount you donate is entirely up to you. A portion will used to contribute to the happiness of others and is greatly appreciated.


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