Living in the Moment

How to better "enjoy the process" ... of life ...

Work in Progress

Living in the moment it a term used by many to describe a strategy for getting the most out of life by "savoring", appreciating, and really noticing the great things around us every moment.

Many people have written about living in the moment. Two books I really like which touch on the subject are by Dan Millman - The Peaceful Warrior and Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior. In The Peaceful Warrior, he provides a somewhat exaggerated metaphor for helping us understand what "living in the moment" really means. He describes it something like this:

Imagine you get pushed off a tall building. Living in the moment means you could actually enjoy the trip down.

Yes, living in the moment eliminates or reduces worry, minimizes stress and anxiety, and creates more joy and fulfillment. It focuses our minds on what's happening right now - and really appreciate everything beautiful happening around us - rather than focusing on the future - and what bad could happen, or especially focusing on what bad has happened to us in the past.

This section of the BeHappy! website will be devoted to helping us all get much better at living in the moment so that true happiness is easier to achieve. For some people it comes more natural than for others. And it takes practice to really get good at it. Here's where you can come to get really good at it.

So check back to this section of the site for articles and information on how to master the art of "living in the moment".

BeHappy! my friends

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