Do You Want (or Need) a Higher Income?
(Part 1)

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What financial or income level do you need to be happy?

The answer to that question is different for everyone. For some, just having enough money to survive and pay the bills required to live a simple, basic lifestyle is enough. At the other end of the spectrum are those who need to have complete financial abundance and freedom to be truly happy.

Whatever the answer is for you, if you are not where you want to be financially, there is a way to change things for the better. Again, that’s regardless of the financial status you require to be happy in life.

Certainly the situation is more urgent if you are in jeopardy of losing your home in a foreclosure situation or you are under significant stress because you have a mountain of debt weighing on you.

If that’s the case, then it is critical that you not only read this post right away and take the actions recommended, but you should also consider some of the other strategies for creating more income by clicking here.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have the urgent need to increase your income or achieve true financial wealth, but just have a strong desire and commitment to start a process toward achieving your financial goals over the next year or two, then this blog post will start a step-by-step process to help get you there.

Are You Programmed to Have Less Money than You Want or Need?

As mentioned in the title to this post, this is Part 1 in a series of articles and posts designed to take you from wherever you are financially right now to wherever you want to be in the future. And, the first step of that process, for those committed to changing things, is to reprogram your mind for financial abundance (whatever that means for you).

The first step of this process – regardless of your current financial status, income and ultimate financial goals – is to have the “mindset” required to get you where you need to be.

We are all “programmed” (so to speak) when it comes to money and income. This programming comes from many sources, including our upbringing, education, and innate personality. Importantly, this programming is usually subconscious and, many times, not necessarily associated with what we think (consciously) we really want or need.

If, for example, your situation is that you are in major debt and have an income far less than what you need to have what you want in life, then you are possibly programmed to live that way – even though you think, consciously, that you want to be more “comfortable” financially.

Similarly, if you have a reasonably good income, can afford to pay your monthly expenses and perhaps enjoy a few of life’s luxuries, but are still frustrated because you can’t seem to meet your ultimate goal of creating a multi-million dollar net worth, then you are probably also programmed to be at that lower financial level.

The issue is, since we are all programmed for a certain financial status, it is very difficult for us to build wealth, achieve a higher income level, or even just get out of debt, without first changing our mindset about money.

It’s somewhat like the thermostat on your air conditioning and heating system at home. If you have your thermostat set for 75 degrees, whenever the temperature gets higher than 75 degrees, the air conditioner kicks in and brings the temperature back down to 75 degrees. It’s the same with money. If your financial “thermostat” (your programmed financial level) is set for a lower level than where you think you want to be, there is little chance to get there because whenever you have extra money or get any increase in your income, you either blow the money somehow or do something to sabotage your income stream.

While it’s obviously not the same – or really as simple as that – the point is that your financial mindset will be the first thing that will determine where you end up on the financial scale.

The good news is that, whether you just want to get out of debt or you want to become a multi-millionaire, the process is likely the same – especially the first few steps.

Changing Your Mindset

The first step in the process to generate a higher income or even to become wealthy is to “reprogram” your mind for a higher financial status. To accomplish this, it is essential to erase the programming that already exists and then “insert” new mental beliefs and attitudes about money and wealth. Again, this doesn’t usually come easy, but it is very achievable with commitment and the right tools.

As a summary to the process, here is what you need to do to start changing your mental mindset about money and wealth:

  1. Know your personal Definition of Happiness: this is always the first step to any process designed to get you what you want in life – including happiness and more money. You can look further into how to do this by clicking here.
  2. Know the influencing factors that created your current programming or attitude towards money. Was it your parents telling you things like “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “rich people are greedy and self-centered”? Was it some emotional situation or process you experienced that caused you to feel you don’t deserve to get what you want? Whatever the possible cause, write down what you feel contributed to your current programming related to achieving more financial abundance in your life.
  3. Start changing that programming now. There are many ways to do this – and many resources available to help. This week’s “Product of the Week” is one example of those resources (see below). Subliminal “reprogramming” can be a very effective way to change our mindset about many different areas of life. So, check out this week’s product by clicking here. It is a very important part of the process. Also, if becoming a multi-millionaire is your goal, you should check out the “Millionaire Mind” program by T. Harv Eker.

By doing these three things, you will have taken the first crucial step toward building the financial future you want – again, regardless of whether that means getting out of debt, creating a higher income stream for yourself and your family, or building a multi-million dollar net worth and complete financial freedom.

Over the next few months, look out for more posts and articles which will take you through the rest of the steps in this process. Some of these posts will include:

  • Learning to Love What You Do in Your Job or Career
  • Creating Multiple Streams of Income
  • Creating a Financial Freedom Plan to Achieve Wealth

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