Do You Want (or Need) a Higher Income?
(Part 3)

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The first two steps of the 5-step process outlined previously (see Part 2) for increasing your financial situation and ultimately improving your lifestyle – or even becoming wealthy – involves developing the appropriate “money mindset” (Step 1) and then knowing your desired (or required) financial needs and goals (Step 2).

The 3rd step, which should only be started - or even attempted - once the first two steps have been completed, is to increase the income from your current “Primary Source of Income” (otherwise known as your current “job” salary or business income).

There are many ways to increase your current income (including the establishment of multiple streams of income), which we discuss in other blog posts and articles, but before getting into these other income builders, the first thing to consider is a way to increase the money you make from your current “job” (your income or salary).

This is not necessarily the easiest way to increase your overall personal “cash flow”, but it is likely the most accessible for those who are already generating income from some type of “work” right now.

It is not practical to provide a detailed “course” on increasing the “pay” you get from your current job here, but there are a few general steps to consider to help make it happen:

  1. Make sure you “love what you do” or are “doing what you love” in your job (NOTE: if you don’t love what you do in your job now or are not doing what you love as a career, it can be accomplished using the concepts in this week’s “Product of the Week”, called BeHappy! at Work): If you don’t address this step, it will be difficult to accomplish the rest of the process.
  2. Assess the “culture” of your current place of employment: Before doing anything proactive to address your income at work, it is important to know the openness of your employer (the owners, managers, supervisors, etc.) to the concept of “adding additional value” to your job (see Step 3 below). Your business or company’s “corporate culture” may be different depending on whether it is a large company or a small, family-owned operation, or somewhere in between. The culture may be casual, flexible, and empowering or it could be formal, strict, and hierarchical. You need to assess the culture and make sure there is an openness to the rest of the process.
  3. Create a plan to add value to your company, your position, or your team: Once you have a clear perspective on the openness of your employer for you to add greater value (and get paid a higher income for that added value) – IF the culture of your company allows for it - you need to have a plan to add that value. This is specific to your own personal situation. Every situation is different, so you must create a plan based on your situation at work. Could you start a monthly newsletter for your company? Could you propose to help train new employees for an extra fee? Could you identify some needs within your company that are currently not being addressed and then develop additional expertise in that area? Whatever the situation at your work, create a plan to add value to your company and make a proposal to get paid more for that added value.
  4. Implement the plan: With “buy-in” from your superiors and a plan to add value, the next step is to implement the plan to provide that value for increased income. This generally means either increasing your responsibilities within your current position or being proactive in asking for a different, higher paying position with greater responsibility.

It is important to know that if the culture of your current employer does not allow for the above process, you’ll have to come up with other ways to generate additional income – probably from outside your current “job” or primary career. This is described more fully in other posts and articles. Click here for more information.

Happiness Product of the Week: BeHappy! at Work

This week’s “product” is an e-book I wrote to help you love what you do in your job or career or, if that is not possible, how you can find a way to make a change to a new “primary source of income” (job).

It has been estimated that about 75% of people (or more) don’t like what they do "for a living" – and a large percentage of those people actually “hate” their job. If that’s you, something needs to be done if you want to be truly happy in life. This e-book is the first step in learning to love your current job or career (even if you hate it now) or find a way to make a change.

Check it out by clicking here (Just $3.75) --- OR GET IT FREE by clicking on the "Order Free Now" button to the right and get two other free books.

BeHappy! my friends


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