An infopreneur is a person whose primary business is gathering and disseminating (usually selling) electronic information.

Everyone is an expert at something and that expertise could generate tremendous income from information products. The following items are a sample of info products that you can create to launch an infopreneur business:

- Books (like BeHappy!)
- E-books
- Special reports
- Audio recordings
- Teleseminars
- Video/DVD programs
- Training courses
- Computer-based training
- Workbooks
- Tips booklets
- “How To” books
- Seminars
- Workshops

Three Major Barriers that Defeat 99% of Most Would-Be Infopreneurs...

No product, no plan, no process, no (or poor) tools doom most who try, and prevent others from even trying.

The technical barriers (HTML, FTP, CGI, Search Engine mastery, etc.) are crushing if attempted "solo." And it's too expensive to hire the skills required to leap those barriers.

Hype and outright fraud … The "World Wild West" is over-run by snake oil salesmen, selling so many get-rich-quick schemes.

If you have been thinking about starting an online business, you can overcome these hurdles.

The company I used to create this website and continue to use to grow it is a company called SBI! (Solo Build It!). This company is great for helping anyone to overcome the hurdles and taking you step-by-step to a profitable online business. Check them out at

Also, be sure to see my article on creating multiple streams of income for more information on how to make more money and achieve financial abundance to BeHappy!.

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