Join a Team - and be a
Team Player - to BeHappy!

Work in Progress

If you think back on the happiest times of your life, some of them may (and likely) include times when you were part of a "team". And that doesn't have to mean you participated in a formal sporting activity.

There are all kinds of teams we can lump into this concept. It may have been a sports team, but it could also have been a dance team, a musical group, a craft club, a debate team, your class in school, or even just a group of friends who got together regularly to play or talk.

The bottom line is that, when you talk to people about the best times in their lives, the subject of "team" comes up frequently.

And an important part of being "on a team" is to be "a team player".

Being part of a team - and being a team player provides many of the essential aspects of the happiest possible life. A team creates relationships, fosters contribution (to a cause other than your own), usually involves some type of goal or goals, and much more.

So if you aren't currently part of a team right now, think about becoming part of one now. Why not? It's never too late.

Come back soon for some specific tips, techniques, strategies, and products to help you BeHappy! by being part of a team and being a team player.