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The Beauty of Nature

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Often when I awake in the morning, I see the pretty and bright blue sky,
Coupled with the warmth of the sun that catches my eye;
Then later as I look out my living room window,
I see the beauty of nature, unfold its pretty image before me,
The trees of all types show their bright green leaves;
While the grass its splendor all around the front of my yard;
And many pretty flowers show signs of a rainbow
along the sides of the building in which I live,
Yet, soon the Fall season will be here,
and many of natures colors will come to disappear,
But the beauty of nature will always be with us in its own way,
be it summer, fall, winter, or spring I do say,
Its been that way through the earths many years of life
and will continue to grow and flourish when we’re no longer here,
Yes, “The Beauty of Nature” brings warmth to my heart with
everyone of its elements from each days start.

Kay I. Kramer

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