Are you doing what you love as a job or career? Or, do you at least love what you do? You may not realize that those are two very different questions (see the article mentioned at the bottom of this page to learn the difference). 

Many of us spend a large part of our lives at a job and/or in a career. Being as happy as possible in your job or career, therefore, is very important to your overall happiness in life.

This part of the BeHappy! site will help you create passion for your job and career.

Whether you're an executive in an office setting, a construction worker on a job site, a nurse in an operating room, a broker in a trading room, or anything else, this section of the BeHappy! site will help you build true "job satisfaction" and "career contentment", which will help with total life happiness.

Or, if you feel you cannot remain in your current job or career forever and want/need a change, it will guide you toward that change by helping you find your passions and dreams.

I, myself, have changed careers. After spending over a decade going through the difficult, tedious process of becoming a medical doctor, I left private medical practice in 1989, went back to school, got my M.B.A., and entered the business world (in pharmaceuticals and biotech).

It was one of the best things I have ever done. More recently, after 20 years in biotech, I left my "corporate mid-six-figure-income" job and am "rejuvenating" by expanding my life's mission to make people happier.

In other words, I can speak from experience here. 

So read this introductory article:

The Difference Between Doing What You Love and
Loving What You Do in a Job or Career

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Also, as another great source for your "career contentment", be sure to read the book, Career Contentment by Jeff Garton. It's available through

BeHappy! my friends


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