Volume 008
February 2010

Hi... I’m Jimmy, and my mission is to improve your life by making it a bit happier - or, better yet, a lot happier - everyday.

I am a doctor, “rejuvenating” corporate executive, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. My wife (Jill), our three-year-old daughter (Joie), our golden retriever (Sunny) – and our newborn (11-week-old) second daughter (Jae) – live in Tampa Florida and Newport Beach California (we alternate locations every month – so we travel a lot).

Through this newsletter, my website, my books, E-Coaching, and other BeHappy! products, I am committed to improving the lives of as many people as possible. So, I would love to hear from you on how your life has changed by using the BeHappy! system, or how I can help improve your life more by making the system even better.

Please go to BeHappy101.com (or see the yellow box at the end of the newsletter) to provide your comments, suggestions, stories, or thoughts and I’ll respond to you personally – as appropriate - as soon as possible.

Here’s to your happiness and to having the kind of life you want to have!

BeHappy! my friends

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Happiness Facts

Follow Up to the Last Edition’s “Actions”

Be Happier in Your Work

Actions for the Next 60 Days to BeHappy!

What's New at BeHappy101.com

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The purpose of this newsletter is to provide a regular and consistent supplement to the action-oriented process in my website - www.behappy101.com - and in my first book, simply called BeHappy!

It is intended to make a powerful contribution to the amount of joy and fulfillment in your daily life by providing regular tools, reminders, and strategies to: This is far beyond a “How To” concept. It is rather a “Do” system, which, when used in conjunction with the BeHappy! book, helps create your own personal “Happiness Plan” for your life. If you want a template or “blueprint” for this Happiness Plan, Click here and you can get it free.

Since my goal is to help make people happier, however, it is best to get the book to use along with the website to achieve maximum benefit from the plan (yes, that’s partly a sales pitch — but it’s true).

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BeHappy! my friends


  • Less than 30% of Americans are happy with their jobs or careers right now.

  • Research shows that career contentment and job satisfaction directly affect personal fulfillment and mental and physical well-being.
Follow Up from the Last Edition of The BeHappy! Newsletter

The last edition of this newsletter at the end of the year was about creating your best year ever in 2010. Did you take the actions described? Did you develop a list of goals or commitments (or even resolutions)? Are you monitoring (and documenting) your progress and taking regular action to ensure achievement of your goals and commitments?

If so, you should be making some progress - and should be feeling at least a little more optimistic about your life and your prospects for 2010 and beyond.

If not, what's different about your life today as compared to this time last year? Is there any? If not - and you haven't taken the type of actions described in the December issue of The BeHappy! Newsletter - it's not surprising. You've probably heard the frequently used definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.

If you usually don't make annual resolutions or goals, and you didn't again at the beginning of this year, you shouldn't expect things to be different. That would be "crazy", wouldn't it?

Well, it's not too late. And I understand it's not easy. Just do it. Do it over the next 30 days. We still have 10 months left in 2010, so take the time to read the December issue and follow the action plans there. It will make a big difference. You can also just click here to be directed to an introduction to goal setting, which leads to a series on helping you set goals for your life - both short and long term.

Be Happier in Your Work

As the "Happiness Fact" at the beginning of this edition of The BeHappy! Newsletter states, less than 30% of Americans are happy at work. And I suspect the same is true in many other countries as well (if you live in a country outside the U.S., please give me your input on this by clicking here to give me your thoughts.

It's not too surprising that people are not happy with their jobs or careers right now since employees today are under much more stress than in the past. Many people are being asked to do more with less (and for less money). Many are living with significant fear that they will lose their job and not be able to pay their bills. Then there are the many people (perhaps a significant number) who got into a field to begin with which they are not passionate about and which does not help address their purpose in life.

If any of these things apply to you, part of making 2010 great (and the rest of your life, in fact) is to make some changes - perhaps drastic changes.

Since this topic is so complex, I won't be able to provide an adequate "course" in career contentment in this newsletter. I am in the midst of writing an entire book on the subject, though (called BeHappy! at Work) which should be released later this year. In the meantime, use the "60-day actions" below to start a process designed to help you enjoy your job more - perhaps even start to love what you do. You can also get my free introductory e-book on the subject by clicking here if you haven't already gotten yours for subscribing to this newsletter (it's not going to be free forever, so get your copy now).

For a brief summary, think about these things for a few minutes, then for a quick assessment of your situation - and a start to making your work more pleasurable, fulfilling, and fun - take the actions below in the "60 Day Action" section:
  • It is important to use your strengths and personal traits in your job
  • If you know your purpose, make sure your job fulfills that purpose in some way
  • Be clear about what you are passionate about in your life and use this passion - in some way - in your job or career
  • Be grateful for what you have
Now, I realize these are very basic and superficial concepts. My intent in this newsletter edition, however, was just to start you out thinking about this key life issue and initiate a process to begin changing things if it's a factor in your life. If it is, start by taking these...


“It's never too late to be what you might have been.”
- George Elliott
Like everything in life, the old saying, “practice makes perfect” applies to happiness, too. By using the tools and concepts in BeHappy! - and applying the principles on my website (www.behappy101.com) and in this bi-monthly newsletter - you'll get the coaching and the “practice” you need to lead the happiest possible life. It takes daily action to get “perfect” at it, though.

So, if you have read previous BeHappy! Newsletters you know that every issue provides some simple action-oriented exercises for the next two months (until the next edition of the newsletter) which relate to the main "subject" of this edition of the newsletter to help make happiness a habit.

Just a few minutes of focus every day and you’ll be laying the foundation for the happiest possible life - both for yourself and for those you love.

If you do these things, I can promise you’ll notice a big difference in the quality of your life.

You will BeHappy!

To improve your life, click on any of the pictures below which represent areas of your life which you need to make better:

Actions for the next 60 days:

Take these actions over the next sixty days and by the time you receive the next edition of the BeHappy! Newsletter (around the end of April), I am confident you'll be making progress toward a happier life (at work and outside of work):
  • Start understanding what you were meant to be in this world (your purpose). Do you know it already? Have you ever considered it? Do you feel you have no purpose?

  • Start evaluating what areas of your work (if any) contribute to your purpose. If the answer is "nothing", there may be some major changes needed.

  • Take an inventory of your own personal traits - your strengths, passions, preferences, and needs. This is very important. There is an exercise in the free e-book, BeHappy! at Work designed to help address this.

  • If you feel you are "locked into" a specific job or career (although nobody is really "locked in") then assess what aspects of your current job are inconsistent with your preferences, strengths, and passions.

  • Create a preliminary plan to incorporate these personal characteristics into your current job. This may not be easy. You may need to get creative (again, the free e-book provides some ideas on this).
By following these action steps for the next 60 days (essentially March and April) you should start to see some small improvement in your outlook at work. We’ll look back on this 60-day action plan in the next edition of the BeHappy! Newsletter at the end of April. Then, we’ll take more actions to get to the next level of happiness for your life.

If the information here at BeHappy101.com helps you and you'd like to make a donation to help make others happy, please click on the "DONATE" button below to make a contribution. The amount you give is entirely up to you, and would be greatly appreciated. A portion of the proceeds will used to contribute to the happiness of others.

WHAT'S NEW AT BeHappy101.com:

Every issue of this newsletter will keep you up to date on new stuff at BeHappy101.com so you can get maximum benefit from the BeHappy! system. You can access any of these quickly by just clicking on the links in the list below.

Here are a few additions over the past two months:
  • As an official Health and Happiness writer for Examiner.com, there are new articles posted there every week or two. These articles are typically less in-depth than the articles here at BeHappy101.com, so you can use these as quick summaries of certain topics related to happiness. Check it out by going to BeHappy101.com and clicking on the Examiner.com link just below the "Thought for Today".

  • BeHappy! at Work free e-book: The free introductory version of “BeHappy! at Work” was launched at the end of October. Since you are already a subscriber to the BeHappy Newsletter, you should have received an e-mail with instructions on how to get your free copy. If you didn’t get yours, be sure to download it now. PLEASE tell your friends to subscribe so they’ll get a FREE copy, too.

  • A new E-Coaching opportunity: get personal, private coaching from me - all electronically (by e-mail) with this new, effective part of the BeHappy! system. I have added a FREE introductory coaching session to the offering so you can try it out first, with no risk or obligation.

  • Several new articles on relationships and other life issues by The Neighborhood Shrink: a regular “clinical psychology” contributor to behappy101.com.

  • The new "tour" component of the website has been improved, with several new additions, including a complete (almost) list of all the articles on the website. This tour is intended to help you get the most from the behappy101.com site on a regular basis (to be finished early in the New Year – it’s one of my resolutions!!). This "tour" will provide you the ability to navigate the entire website easily based on whatever interests you - or whatever you need in your life to be happier and more fulfilled.

    Please contribute to the happiness of others by providing your own stories, jokes, testimonials, comments and personal tips on happiness, dealing with adversity, and relationships on the website (there are many places throughout the site to add your messages to help others)

    To contribute HAPPINESS tips: click here
    To contribute RELATIONSHIP tips: click here
    To contribute ADVERSITY tips: click here
    To contribute GOAL tips: click here

  • Several important new blog posts to add to your "happiness toolbox".

  • The popular Thought for Today: a feature on the site initiated February 1st (2009) which has provided a new thought every single day since then. Each new Thought for Today gets posted on the behappy101.com homepage every morning (365 days a year) between 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. (unless I sleep in – then it might be 6:30 a.m.). These are thoughts to help start your day off right. The thoughts are generally about happiness, success, relationships, money, etc. So go to the website everyday for a new “thought”. You’ll soon become “addicted” – and it will improve your life tremendously.

  • New Quotes, Poems, and Jokes to help inspire and motivate you, or just make you laugh.
And much, much more. So until the next edition of the BeHappy! Newsletter around the end of April...

Thanks for being a loyal subscriber and...

BeHappy! my friends

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