Create Your Life's "Happiness Plan"

Like any important trip, the journey to the happiest possible life requires a map, or plan. The simple, ready-to-use Happiness Plan template below can help you create that map to happiness for a lifetime.

NOTE: The template here is intended to be used along with my book, BeHappy! and is supposed to be filled out completely to provide the most comprehensive plan for your life-long happiness. So make sure to fill in all the blanks. It may take a while. That's OK.

This is a plan for your happiness, and it's meant to last your entire life. So take all the time necessary to fill it out completely. Also, some of the entries or items within the template may not be fully understood without the text of the book - BeHappy! - which describes, in detail, how to complete the plan for the maximum effect.

Use these tools, along with the many other tools on this site, to create your happiest possible life.

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BeHappy! my friends.

Here is your Happiness Plan Template...

Again, make sure to do the exercise completely to get the greatest benefit. It will be well worth it. And if you need help,

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