Be "Unrealistic"

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Realistic – if you look up this word in a dictionary, you’ll find something like this:

  1. Tending to or expressing an awareness of things as they really are;
  2. Of or relating to the representation of objects, actions, or social conditions as they actually are:

“Nothing great was ever achieved by a realistic person.”
- Author Unknown

Well, in my opinion (as the quote above implies), being realistic contradicts or eliminates the possibility of creating, inventing, or achieving things that “are not yet real”.

Would we ever be able to experience air travel – or especially space travel – for example, with the perceived unrealistic efforts of the Wright Brothers? Would anyone have ever considered Bill Gates (a college dropout) realistic in his vision to create a multi-billion dollar company which would “changed the world”? How “impossible” (or unrealistic) would you have thought it would be for a guy like Lance Armstrong to win seven straight Tour de France competitions after recovering from the brutal experience of cancer?

All of these examples – and there are millions more – should indicate that being realistic is recipe for mediocrity. It maintains the status quo.

So, Be “unrealistic”

Whether you are setting goals, building a business, raising children, pursuing a mission or vision, or contributing to needs of others, don’t let realism stop you from achieving things that aren’t yet real for you (or even for the world).

Just a note on this: being unrealistic does not mean you should be careless and take undue risks (although risk is usually part of the equation here). Be smart. Be adventurous. Be prudent. Be passionate. Be unrealistic. And...

BeHappy! my friends

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