Travel to Be Happy

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If your "Definition of Happiness" includes things like:

...then you may want (or need) to "travel to be happy".

Everyone is different.

And, everyone needs different things in their life to be truly happy.  I call this our personal Definition of Happiness.  Everyone's definition is different.  To find out yours (and get two free ebooks), just click on the "Get Access Now" button here...

So, is "travel" (or something related to travel) part of your personal Definition of Happiness?

I love to travel.  I think it's probably because "variety" and "adventure" are included in my Definition of Happiness.

The Cost of Travel...

One of the issues to address with travel is that, first, it's usually not cheap - especially to exotic, far-away places (fortunately, financial abundance and wealth are also part of my Definition of Happiness, so one of my goals is to consistently increase my income and net worth, partly so I can afford to travel).

So, one strategy to pursue if travel is important to your life is to create the income and financial abundance needed to afford to travel. 

Finding Time to Travel...

Then, there is the time involved.

Many people are working so hard "for a living", that they don't have time "to live".

That's one of the reasons I left the practice of medicine over two decades ago.

Yes, after spending many hard years of work and sacrifice to become a doctor, I decided there was too much I was missing in my life (again because of my Definition of Happiness) - travel (and variety) included.

That's another reason it is so important to set up your life and career consistent with your Definition of Happiness.

For me, I left medical practice and went into a career that allowed me to travel (actually it was required for my position).  Since then, I have been all over the world - both "for work" and for pleasure.  My wife and kids have even been able to travel with me on many occasions. We even lived in a different country (Vancouver, Canada) for many years, which was an awesome experience.

The Benefits of Travel...

So, if your Definition of Happiness involves travel, variety, adventure or something along these lines, it is critical to find a way to make it happen on a regular basis if you want to be truly happy. This means you obviously have to know your personal Definition of Happiness in detail first.  So, if you don't, click here to find out what it is.

Importantly, though, even if travel is not part of your definition of happiness, there are many other benefits travel can provide which could make you happier. 

For example, travel can:

  • Provide knowledge and education you can't get any other way
  • Help with relaxation and stress management (depending on the type of travel)
  • Help "disconnect" from the demands of everyday life
  • Create lifetime memories
  • Make you learn more about yourself
  • Help you meet new people (establish unexpected relationships)

Yes, travel can help just about anyone be happier, more fulfilled, better educated, and less stressed.

So, consider it as part of your life ... regardless of your Definition of Happiness, your financial situation, or other life circumstances.  It could be one of the best things you ever did.

BeHappy! my friends


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