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The BeHappy! Newsletter, Issue #036
March 27, 2015

Creating A HAPPIER WORLD Day-by-Day

Volume 036
March 2015

Success and Happiness: How to Achieve Both

Hi there...

If you’re one of the hundreds of new daily visitors to or a new subscriber to this BeHappy! Newsletter... welcome aboard! And, if you're one of the regular happy visitors to and have been a loyal subscriber to this newsletter, welcome back!!

I’m Jimmy, and my mission is to improve your life dramatically by making it a bit happier - or, better yet, a lot happier - everyday.

I am a doctor, corporate executive, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. My wife (Jill), our 8-year-old daughter (Joie), our 5-year-old daughter (Jae), and our 8-month old golden retriever (Jessy) live in Tampa Florida and Newport Beach California.

Through this newsletter, my website (, my books, E-Coaching, and other BeHappy! products, I am committed to improving the lives of as many people as possible. So, I would love to hear from you on how your life has changed by using the BeHappy! system, or how I can help improve your life more by making the system even better. Just click here to contact me and I’ll respond to you personally as soon as possible – or just give me your happiness tips, comments, suggestions, stories, or thoughts to share with others.

Here’s to your happiness and to having the kind of life you want to have!

BeHappy! my friends

Inside this Issue

Introduction to The BeHappy! Newsletter
(for new subscribers)

Happiness Facts

Follow Up to the Last Edition’s “Actions”

Success & Happiness: How to Achieve Both

Actions for the Next 60 Days to BeHappy!

Recommended Resources

What's New at

INTRODUCTION for new subscribers
(prior subscribers – skip down to the “Happiness Facts” section)

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide a regular and consistent supplement to the action-oriented process found within my website - - and in my book, BeHappy!

It is intended to make a powerful contribution to the amount of joy and fulfillment in your daily life by providing regular tools, reminders, and strategies to:

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This is far beyond a “How To” concept. It is rather a “Do” system, which, when used in conjunction with the BeHappy! book and The Happiness Academy (coming later this year), helps create your own personal “Happiness Plan” for your life. If you want a template or “blueprint” for this Happiness Plan, click here and you can get it free.

Also, make sure to get my free “Happiness Formula” Video Course just by clicking on the link in the box above or just click here. It will change your whole perspective on happiness – and on life in general.

Since my goal is to help make people happier, though, it’s best to first get my book, BeHappy! to use along with the Happiness Plan template, the video course and the website to achieve maximum benefit (yes, that’s partly a sales pitch — but it’s true).

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  • Research indicates that successful people have certain habits that help them be more successful. Five of those habits are:
    1. They allow themselves to "fail boldly"
    2. They set goals
    3. They have a plan to achieve their goals
    4. They monitor their progress regularly
    5. They don't wait to act.

Follow Up from the Last Edition of
The BeHappy! Newsletter

The previous edition of The BeHappy! Newsletter was about setting goals.

And, since it was the “New Year” edition of the newsletter, it distinguished between goals and “resolutions” (which most people make at the start of every year). Did you make New Year’s resolutions? If so, are you on track to achieve those resolutions? Statistically speaking, the answer is probably ‘no’ since 9 out of 10 people don’t keep their New Year’s resolutions (so don’t feel so bad if you aren’t on track). [NOTE: if one of your resolutions was to lose weight (as it is for many people) or to be healthier and more fit, then make sure to get my ebook, A Guide to Healthy Living by clicking on the "Download Now" button to the right to get it immediately for only $1.99. It will start you on a path to better health, achieving your ideal weight, and getting to a higher level of fitness. And, if you are on chronic medications, it will show you how you can possibly eliminate those drugs from your life]. You can also get this great ebook free, along with 2 other books (including a FREE autographed copy of my best-selling book, BeHappy! sent to your home or office) by clicking here.

Or, just click on the "Download Now" button in the box to the right to get "A Guide to Healthy Living" for just $1.99 cents or click on the "Order Free Now!" button in the box below and get all three books shown, completely free:

Now, though, what about goals? Did you set 1-year, 5-year, and 10-year goals for your life? If not, click here now to learn more about goal-setting (and achievement).

Inherent in the process of goal setting is the achievement of “success” in life; which is what this edition of the BeHappy! Newsletter is all about – Success and Happiness. So read on and let's move on to the topic for this edition of The BeHappy! Newsletter...

Success & Happiness: How to Achieve Both

Are you successful?

What is success anyway? Is it wealth? Is it fame? Is it power? Is it great relationships? Is it peace-of-mind? Is it all of these things, or perhaps none of these things?

The answer is "yes" - it all of these things and none of these things.

In other words, it is different for everyone. Just like everyone's "Definition of Happiness" is different, everyone's definition of success is also different. And really, success and happiness are linked, but maybe not necessarily the way you may think. Most people think that success leads to happiness, but read on...

Is a multi-millionaire business executive more "successful" (and, therefore, happier) than a working mother of two who is barely able to make ends meet? Maybe. Maybe not.

For one person, success (and happiness) may mean significant business accomplishment while for another person success requires mostly a strong spiritual connection. Some people define success (at least partially) as having a yacht, a mansion, and the ability to travel the world. For someone else success might mean outstanding physical achievements (like winning a gold medal at the Olympics) while for yet another person, success requires only a few strong interpersonal relationships.

To capture all this in a general working definition could be to define success as "the ability to live your life in your own way". That really captures it all. Most would agree that an ability to live life the way you want could qualify for "life success".

Knowing what success means to you, though, starts first with your personal "Definition of Happiness". Click on the "Get Instant Access" button below to find out your "Definition of Happiness" quickly (and get two free ebooks as a gift from me). Then, keep reading more about success and happiness below.

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As stated previously, much of whether you are “successful” or not depends on your personal "Definition of Happiness" and your individual definition of success.

Again, though, to be truly successful you must be truly happy. This actually has a dual meaning:

1. Defining Success and Happiness

The first meaning of the statement above (to be truly successful you must be truly happy) is what was just discussed in the examples above, which goes back to the general definition of success I suggested previously - "to be able to live your life in your own way".

We can achieve great "success" in several areas, but if these areas don't make us happy, then we may not really be successful. It's the reason some very accomplished (successful) actors, musicians, sports stars, and other “celebrities” are so miserable. It's because they may not really be happy. Again, the reason for this is mainly because (a) they have never defined happiness for themselves (which is the case for most people) and, therefore, they don't really know what would make them truly happy or (b) they have defined happiness clearly for themselves, but they have not yet achieved all the requirements for that "Definition of Happiness" fully. In other words, in this "celebrity" example, there is more to their "Definition of Happiness" than just fame and fortune (which is nearly always the case).

2. Being Happy Creates Greater Success

The second meaning of the above statement that "to be truly successful you must be truly happy" relates to the abundance of research which shows that happy people make more money, are healthier, have better relationships, and even live longer than unhappy people. In very simple terms, therefore, happy people are more "successful" than unhappy people (not the other way around). It's really that simple (not easy, but simple).

The key here, then, is this: if you want to be really successful, you must be happy! By being happy, you will have a better chance of achieving your goals and meeting your personal requirements for success - whatever that means to you. Again, though, to really be happy, you still have to go to point number 1 above, which is to define happiness clearly for yourself. It's really the foundation of life.

To achieve the success you want in your life, therefore, read on for the actions to take for the next 60 days to make “success” (and happiness) a reality for you.


Like everything in life, the old saying, “practice makes perfect” applies to happiness, too. By using the tools and concepts in the book, BeHappy! - and applying the principles found at and in this bi-monthly newsletter - you'll get the coaching and the “practice” you need to lead the happiest possible life.

It takes daily action to get “perfect” at it, though.

So, if you have read previous editions of The BeHappy! Newsletter you know that every issue provides some simple action-oriented exercises for the next two months (until the next edition of the newsletter) which relate to the main subject of this edition of the newsletter to help make happiness a habit.

Just a few minutes of focus every day and you’ll be laying the foundation for the happiest possible life - both for yourself and for those you love.

If you do these things, I can promise you’ll notice a big difference in the quality of your life.

You will BeHappy!

Actions for the next 60 days:

Take these actions over the next sixty days and by the time you receive the next edition of the BeHappy! Newsletter (in May), you will have made great strides toward a happier and more fulfilled life.

Actions to Take:

1. Create your personal Definition of Happiness (if you haven't done it yet, click on the "Get Instant Access" button in the banner below now to learn how - and get my two ebooks free as a gift) . Don’t wait. Do it now by clicking on the “Get Instant Access” button below and I’ll also send you the two ebooks shown absolutely FREE. So click on the "Get Instant Access" button here now...

2. Using the "Definition of Happiness" you discovered by clicking on the button above (which could take you a few days since it's not always easy), next, define what success means to you (physically, financially, mentally, and spiritually). Take each of the 4 categories I just mentioned (or create whatever categories make sense for you based on your personal "Definition of Happiness") and create a list of accomplishments, achievements, goals, wants, desires, and needs for your life that would make up "success" in your life. For example, if your "Definition of Happiness" includes living a lifestyle that requires a higher level of income than you currently have, then brainstorm on how "financial success" would look for you. Make sure it is consistent with your "Definition of Happiness", though. Everything has to match up or it's unlikely that you will be both happy and successful.

3. Create a Happiness Plan for your life (click here to get a free "Happiness Plan" template I've developed --- and if you get the free autographed copy of my book, it will explain everything you need to complete that “Happiness Plan” for your life, too).

4. Monitor your happiness and your success regularly and frequently: Set up a system, perhaps in your cell phone or tablet, to remind you to check certain things about your "Definition of Happiness", your success, and your overall "Happiness Plan". You can have reminders set weekly, monthly, and annually for various issues.

The key starting point is to make sure to define happiness clearly and completely for yourself. Then do whatever you need to do to truly be happy. This is the only way to really achieve success in life.

Take these actions now and use the information over the next 60 days to become as successful as you can be in life. You can also check out some of the great resources below to help you get the success and happiness you want.

Recommended Resources:

The Success Principles(TM): How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Goals on Track Software: A Systematic Approach to Achieving More by Doing Less

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

And, once again, if you haven’t yet read my foundational book, BeHappy! there is now NO EXCUSE since you can get a FREE autographed copy just by clicking on the "Order FREE Now!" button below (and you’ll also get A Guide to Healthy Living and Be Happy at Work as free gifts, too).

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Every issue of this newsletter will keep you up to date on new stuff at so you can get maximum benefit from the BeHappy! system. You can access any of these quickly by just clicking on the links in the list below.

Here's what's new at
  • A whole new "look and feel" will be coming to in 2015, so be on the lookout for some great changes to the website over the next few months. I think you'll like it.
  • Make sure you get my FREE Happiness Formula Video Course...A 5-Part video course on my “formula for happiness” by clicking here. It’s a gift from me for being a loyal subscriber.
  • As always, there are new Quotes & Poems added to the website every month or two. At this point, there are well over 1,500 quotes there for you to read, use, and share. Click here to read the latest collection of quotes on happiness, success, wealth, motivation, and spirituality.
  • The Happiness Academy...A complete 6-month "happiness course" which will transform your life (I was hoping this would be ready to start by now, but I am behind and I am targeting the the second half of this year to get it going). Just click on the red button here to check it out (and get in on my early enrollment discount)...
And much, much more.

So until the next edition of The BeHappy! Newsletter in May...

Thanks for being a loyal subscriber!

BeHappy! my friends

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