Praise for BeHappy!

”The most terrifying day in my life was my 22nd birthday — the day my manager called me to tell me that my song ‘Love and Affection’ had just reached NUMBER ONE on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. Surprised? So was I. I'd always told myself since I was a little boy that all I needed to solve all of my problems was being the number one star in the world. I’d found out the hard way that, for me, even the ultimate career success didn't solve my ache for happiness. How I WISH I’d been given Dr. DeMesa’s BeHappy! that day! It would have saved me decades of frustration and futility. What I needed was exactly what this book is: an owner's manual for my own fulfillment. BeHappy! gives me all the tools I so desperately needed those years ago and didn’t have... explained to me not only in a logical step-by-step manner that appealed to my head, but delivered as if through the voice of your best friend, which appealed to my heart. If all of the peace, adventure, and prosperity that is BEing HAPPY matters to you, I strongly recommend you save yourself the decades I endured and READ THIS BOOK now!

—Gunnar Nelson, #1 hitmaking, multiplatinum singer/songwriter/producer/entertainer

“After reading this magnificent book, the lessons learned in BeHappy! are ones that I could use immediately in my own life, and which I’m confident could help anyone achieve greater happiness. The lessons are profound, yet they are simple to put into practice. Certainly, it takes time and energy to be happy, yet Jimmy has presented a winning formula that anyone can utilize in a painless manner. I highly recommend BeHappy! to anybody that is happy, is unhappy, or is hoping to be happy.”

—W. Keith Schilit, Ph.D., Author of 5 best-selling books on
entrepreneurship, including The Entrepreneur’s Guide to
Preparing a Winning Business Plan and Raising Venture Capital

The Dalai Lama was once asked why he was so happy, and he said, ‘Because it makes me feel better’. You’ll feel a lot better after reading Jimmy DeMesa’s wonderful blueprint for creating a happy life. Be happy by learning the principles in BeHappy!

—Lance Secretan, Ph.D., Corporate Advisor, Public Speaker, Bestselling author of 14 books, including ONE: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership.

“I have taught for years that happiness is not a destination; happiness is a method of travel. For those who want to learn more about traveling with more contentment and joy in their lives, Jimmy DeMesa offers some real gems. This book contains some very useful insights that have helped me in very practical ways and can help anyone who yearns for greater happiness. An engaging and insightful read, I highly recommend BeHappy!”

—David Irvine, Best-selling author Becoming Real: Journey To Authenticity
and Simple Living In A Complex World

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