Create Life Balance to Be Happy!

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Life Balance is a key factor in creating the happiest possible life (the main goal of this whole BeHappy! system).

This part of the website will help you put all aspects of happiness together, specifically for you to build better balance into your life.

It will guide you, step-by-step, to relatively equal and fulfilling levels of:

...and other areas you define as important to you in life.

Life Balance is key to total happiness, so use this part of the site to get you there.

For example, go to my article called, Create “Balance” in Your Life to Be Happy! and you'll learn all about how to balance your life, which can be represented graphically like this:

Basically, you rate the various areas of your life (relationships, finances, health, etc.) on a scale of "1" to "10". And ideally, everything should be in balance (for example, all 7's and 8's). This is much better than having some areas a "10" and others a "2".

So, instead of the graph above - where the bars are quite unequal in height (so out of balance) - it is better for the graph to look more like this:

A great method used commonly to develop and monitor your life's balance is the "Balance Wheel". There is a standard balance wheel which looks like this:

And, here is another version of a balance wheel I made for myself:

You can use either one of these wheels, but I suggest personalizing it since everyone is different - and has different areas of life which are most important.

Either way, though, it is an important part of being happy. So make sure to use the tools here to create balance, reduce stress, and BeHappy!

Coming to this part of the site in the next few months:

  • More articles, tools, and strategies to balance your life
  • A "Balance Monitor" to help achieve balance and maintain it
  • Links to other sources of useful information to help you balance your life and achieve total happiness

BeHappy! my friends


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