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Generally speaking, learning and growing can help improve our quality of life and lead to greater happiness. 

We start learning from the moment we are born, and really don't ever stop learning.   Many personal development and life coaches say that if you are not learning and growing as a person, you are dying.

Not only does learning help keep us happier throughout our lives, but the latest research shows that learning - especially learning a new skill - can help increase mental capacity in older people.  But, learning a new skill has many benefits for everyone, not just older people.

For example, if you were to learn a new skill that makes you more valuable in your current job, you would likely get some type of promotion or additional income at some point. 

Many people who learn a new skill go even further, using the new knowledge or skill to generate additional sources of income or even start a whole new business or career.

While most jobs have specific skills that need to be learned, there are certain skills that can be transferred to any workplace. For example, highly technical skills such as computer knowledge and troubleshooting are widely needed in most career fields. Additionally, many people take public speaking courses to increase their abilities in communication. Sales and marketing skills are also essential in today’s consumer-driven economy.

Some new skills to consider either for professional advancement or just for fun are:

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There are obviously unlimited new skills to learn and infinite knowledge to gain. What are your passions?  What are your strengths and talents?  Start thinking about how you can improve your life by learning a new skill using these passions, strengths, and talents. 

It certainly couldn't hurt.  You could end up with another source of income or even a whole new business or career.  At the very least you'll have fun while challenging your mind, and possibly your body. 

Check out the resource here to get some ideas on what new knowledge or skill you can learn to improve your life.

Set goals.  Commit to the process.   It will be well worth it.

BeHappy! my friends


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