Holiday Happiness - Part 6

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It’s a NEW YEAR!!

Even though we are only a few days into the year, I hope it has started off fantastic (and happy) for you. And, I also really hope this Holiday Happiness series (which started in November) helped make your holiday season more joyful, less stressful and more memorable.

Did you include some of the strategies and concepts detailed in the previous five parts of this series into your holidays? If you did, I am confident your holidays were better than they would normally have been - even if they're normally great. If not, please use the concepts here in this last edition of the Holiday Happiness series, since it will help make this next year much better.

Firstly, have you made your New Year’s resolutions? What about your New Year’s commitments and goals?

I hope so. But if not, please go back and read Part 5 of this Holiday Happiness series, which is all about making - and achieving - New Year’s resolutions (just click here to access Part 5).

Next make sure to subscribe to the BeHappy! Newsletter if you aren’t already a subscriber. It’s a $150 annual value - but FREE to you as a visitor to Just click here to subscribe now.

And finally, as part of this New Year kick-off process, make sure to read the 3-part BeHappy! series on goals to get an even more complete system for achieving whatever you want for this year and beyond.

Now, with that information available, the objective of this final part of the Holiday Happiness series is to really get you moving on making this year your best, happiest year ever. While that’s a big objective, it is certainly do-able. And by the way, if your “happiness level” is not as high as it should be right now for financial reasons, you should also look at the "Income" section of this site. It could help make you much happier by reducing some of the negative effects financial stress may be having on your life and prepare you for whatever direction the economy takes over the next few years. It could even get you on a path to wealth beyond where you are now (if wealth is something important to you).

Your Definition of Happiness

To achieve the objective of making the next year your best, happiest year ever, I want to devote this final edition of this series to the most important starting point for anyone to be as happy as possible; and that is ... creating your own personal Definition of Happiness).

We are all different in what would make us happy in life. What would make me happy is likely different from what would make you happy.

So, to start off the New Year, make sure you know your own personal Definition of Happiness.

In other words, if you were to state what would make you totally happy in life, what would you say? That's not always an easy thing to do. It can require considerable thought and introspection. But, it is one of the most important first steps to leading a happy life. So, if you don’t already know what would make you totally happy, take whatever time you need to create it now – and write it down.

To learn exactly how to find out and create your personal Definition of Happiness, click on the "Get Instant Access" button here:

If you need more help getting to your own personal definition, check out the first part of BeHappy (my first book on happiness). I devote the entire first three chapters of the book to helping anyone figure out what will truly lead to the happiest possible life. You can also click here for a basic “primer” on the subject as a first step. Or, for an even more direct and immediate approach to figuring out exactly what would make you totally happy in life, please take advantage of my E-Coaching program. I provide a FREE introductory session to visitors (like you) to this website. Just click here to take advantage of this great offer. It will surely help you start the New Year off right.

Now, to conclude this Holiday Happiness series, let me give you one last exercise which could either help you create your definition of happiness – or, if you already know that definition – could help you fulfill it more easily.

Here’s what to do:

During the rest of the month of January, write down – everyday – something you want to do, achieve, see, experience, or contribute in your life. It could be as “small” as “see the Grand Canyon” or as “big” as “go on a year-long ‘mission’ helping to feed starving people in a third world country”. It could be related to your personal life (like “have a child”) or to your professional life (like “become the CEO of a Fortune-500 company”). It could be contribution-related (like “become a big-brother or big-sister to a needy kid”) or financially related (like “build a five-million-dollar net worth”).

Whatever it is, write it down. And do it every single day for the rest of January. By the end of the month, you will have a list of 20-30 things you want to do or experience during your life (some call this a “bucket list”).

Then, use the information I’ve mentioned in this series - and in the BeHappy! Blog to fine-tune and “crystallize” that list into some powerful, action-oriented desires and plans for this year and beyond that will make you happier.

So make sure to write down something everyday – regardless of how small or insignificant it may seem right now. Everything could be important to your ultimate happiness – and the happiness of those you love.

Thanks for being a part of this Holiday Happiness series, and for contributing to my happiness by helping to make this website – and my whole BeHappy! system – more powerful, beneficial, and successful.

Please use this website regularly to keep focused on the positives of life, appreciate what we have (rather than dwell on what’s missing), and maintain maximum “productivity” towards consistently making life better. We may all need it more than ever in year ahead! So it’s important to realize that these tools can make any time of the year happier, more fulfilling, and more productive. In fact, I would venture to say that if you were to use, practice, and implement many of the concepts here in your daily life – throughout the year - you will be much, much happier a year from now than you are today, regardless of the circumstances and difficulties you will encounter along the way (and which we all encounter in this crazy, complex world today). So, once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

BeHappy! my friends


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