Are You Scared...
because of Today’s Economic Climate?

Part 2 (preview)

This is a "preview" of Part 2 of this monthly series on how to manage your way through the bad economic time we are experiencing right now (it's basically the first few paragraphs of the article I'm writing). The full article will be out around the week of November 17th as planned.

Imagine yourself six months from now. You’re at a party with many of your friends. What’s the mood? While none of us has a crystal ball to predict the future, it is my opinion that the mood is likely to be generally much more negative than it is right now (in other words, people will not be very happy).

Many of your friends may be complaining about how the terrible economy has hit them hard. Some will have lost their jobs; several will have had their investment portfolio and/or retirement accounts reduced significantly; most will have seen the value of their homes reduced (perhaps to lower than their mortgage balance); and the majority will be experiencing expenses too high for their current lifestyle.

My question to you is … will you be one of those scared, complaining people?

The correct answer (and my goal for you) is, ‘no’… if you, first, eliminate or at least minimize your fear (see my “Overcoming Fear - Part 1” article) AND second, follow a well-designed, aggressive plan to make sure you not only survive in the current economic climate, but actually thrive in it.

Yes, you could be at that party six months from now complaining along with those friends of yours, or you can be there sympathizing with them, but toasting to your happy, prosperous life, filled with security and abundance - if you do the right things – and do them now! There is no time to wait.

Check back toward the end of November for the full article...

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