The "3-R's" of Happiness

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There are many strategies, techniques, and tools here at which are all intended to help anyone lead their happiest possible life.

In my foundational book - simply called BeHappy! - I spend several chapters on three fundamental and essential principles which can help get closer to that happiest possible life.

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The "3 R's" of Happiness...

The "3 R's" is a phrase I created in my book to describe the three most essential and fundamental "guidelines" toward designing your happiest possible life.

If you do nothing else, whether for yourself or for your family, use this
"3 R's" concept on a daily basis.

Here are "The 3 R's":

  1. Relationships
  2. Rules
  3. Regrets

I devote an entire chapter to each of the "3 R's" in my book (so get your own free autographed copy right now by clicking the "Order Free Now!" button above). 

Next, here's a summary graphic on the basic message of "The 3 R's":

It's a fairly simple concept, but not always easy to practice in everyday life.

It generally takes a conscious effort and a plan to make it work.

It's described in detail in BeHappy! - including exercises and tools to help plan your happiness.  I have also created a 5-part Happiness Formula video course, which you can also get free to help you understand the "3 R's" a bit better.   Just fill in the information in the boxes to the right to get the video course free.

In very summary form, here's what it all means:


"The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships". That's what my former business partner and well-known personal development expert, Tony Robbins, is quoted as saying. I believe he is absolutely right about that.

The issue many times, however, is that people believe that by finding, creating, or seeking a great relationship (or many great relationships), they will be happy (or at least happier).

And surely while great relationships can bring joy and fulfillment to life, those relationships are usually not possible (or even "find-able") without being happy first.

That's the whole premise behind my Happiness Loop concept.


Everyone has rules. You have rules, I have rules - and everyone you interact with has them, too.

What causes issues, challenges, problems, conflicts and even "unhappiness" in life is the fact that, since everyone has different rules, we all break each other's rules on a regular basis.

Also important is the number of rules we have. The more rules - and the more rigid those rules - the more chance we have for others to violate our rules (and therefore make us angry or frustrated); and the more chance we have of breaking other people's rules which are different from ours (therefore making other people angry and frustrated with us).


Regrets can reduce, or even destroy, happiness.

There are regrets we have about things we have done and regrets we have about things we have not done. As the quote below states, it's the regrets for things we have not done that could really destroy our overall happiness long-term.

“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.”
- Sydney J. Harris

There is much more to it, of course. So, again, if you do nothing else, learn more about these "3 R's" and use the concepts daily in your life.  You can do it by clicking on the links above, or better yet, by taking advantage of my free gift - an autographed copy of BeHappy! - which describes it all in detail.  Click here to get it free now.  I promise you'll see a huge improvement in your happiness.

BeHappy! my friends


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