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The Dash (a poem by Linda Ellis) has been published hundreds of times in books, newspapers, magazines and company newsletters. It has also been read countless times at company meetings, graduations and funerals. In the last three years, Linda has received over one million e-mails thanking her for writing The Dash, and asking the question ... Where can I get a copy?
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Happiness is bliss

Happiness is when you get a new puppy,
Happiness is when you get married,
Happiness is when you go on you first date,
Happiness is making your own decisions,
Happiness is graduating,
Happiness is getting you first job,
Happiness is falling in love,
Happiness is being proud of who you are.

Happiness is bliss

Happiness is glowing,
Happiness is fun,
Happiness is an amazing feeling,
Happiness is when you smile all day,
Happiness is giving someone a hug just because you can,
Happiness is that light in your eyes,
Happiness is what makes the world go around.

Happiness is bliss.

Sam Byron

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