A Happy Marriage?

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Relationships are a wonderful thing. In fact, some say the quality of our lives is directly related to the quality of our relationships. This is surely true (at least partly); and marriage - one of the ultimate relationships in our society - is no exception.

If your marriage is happy, passionate, and fulfilling, life is usually much better overall than if your marriage is full of conflict, distrust, and anguish. Similarly, if you are a happy person overall, your marriage is probably much better than if you are sad, stressed, depressed, or unfulfilled.

So, where are you on this marriage spectrum? If you are like many people, especially right now, things could be better in your relationship with your spouse. Stress and anxiety levels are high - which can affect a marriage negatively. In addition, it's getting all too easy these days to "bail out", which is likely part of the reason the divorce rate is so high. Tens of thousands of divorces occur every single day.

Yes, it is common knowledge that at least half of all marriages end in divorce. This makes for lots of “unhappy” people in our society. The traditional wedding phrase "until death do us part" has become all but obsolete. Even amongst couples who seek marriage counseling (and therefore, are theoretically trying to save their marriage) the divorce rate is very high (still over 50%).

Are you headed in that direction? Is your marriage in trouble? And, if so, do you want to "save it"? Have you already tried counseling and it hasn't worked? Or are you one of those married couples who are not headed for divorce, but would just like your relationship to be more intimate, passionate, fun, and fulfilling?

Well, as stated above, it is important to realize that a truly happy marriage is contingent on both people in the relationship being happy. And studies show that each of the two partners in the marriage should be about equally happy to have the happiest possible marriage.

This is the foundation for what I call a relationship "Happiness Loop" which basically says that it's not only great relationships that make us "happy" in life, but rather that happiness is what allows us to have great relationships ... which then creates even more overall life happiness (do you see the "loop" here?).

And the effect is even most pronounced with regard to marriage – both for people who are already married and for those looking to get married (to the right person!). It is somewhat of a complex subject. And this site has - and will have - much more on the topic.

For now, though, the key is that it is critical to be happy if you want to enjoy a truly happy marriage. Certainly, that’s not all there is to it, but it’s the best place to start. Then, there are MANY more strategiesrelated to the happiest possible marriage.

So, keep checking back for more on this subject in future posts and articles here at BeHappy101.com - and make sure to check out the many articles already here, as well as this week's product (below), especially if your marriage is in trouble.

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