Are Successful Olympic Athletes Happy?

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So, the question … is Michael Phelps – the most successful Olympic athlete of all time - happy? (see The BeHappy Weekly Blog Post for Monday August 6th for the intro to this question if you got to this page via a different route).

The answer: first, it depends ... and second, time will tell.

This two-fold answer relates to one of the most important first steps in the “Formula” for achieving total happiness in life – which is our own personal Definitions of Happiness.

Michael Phelps, just like everyone else, must have his own Definition of Happiness well thought out. Almost surely, just the fact that he has won all those medals – and obviously achieved many of his goals - does not guarantee happiness. No one thing does. Money doesn’t. A great relationship doesn’t. And, winning more Olympic medals than anyone else doesn’t.

It takes a carefully considered overall Definition of Happiness for our entire life which we each must assess for ourselves, just to have the opportunity to be totally happy.

Yes, just the opportunity.

That's because once we have our definition, we must have a plan to make sure we produce that definition for ourselves throughout our lives. To make it even more complicated, everyone’s definition is different. Furthermore, most people don’t really know their true Definition of Happiness.

There are countless examples of famous people who thought a certain level of wealth, fame, or success would equate to life happiness. Michael Jackson, John Bellushi, Whitney Houston, and Junior Seau (the former pro football star who recently committed suicide) are a few recent examples. All died young due, at least partly, to the inner struggles they faced and, I believe, some degree of unhappiness (even though they seemed to “have it all”).

If these people had thought through their own personal Definition of Happiness, early on in their lives, they would probably still be with us today. Not only that, they would be happy, balanced, fulfilled people – probably with even more success and wealth than they experienced in their careers.

Creating Your Definition of Happiness

Knowing your own personal Definition of Happiness is not always easy. I know many people who can’t even figure it out. Then there are the many people (really most people) who think they know, but really don’t.

There is a process to knowing what would really make you totally happy in life. Then, once you know that definition, you must create a “Happiness Plan” to make it happen. To explore this further, click here.

Happiness Product of the Week: Mastering The Law of Attraction

Once you know your personal Definition of Happiness, you can get everything you want to be totally happy. You just have to know how. This week’s product will show you. Just remember, when using this product, make sure you know what you really want for your life by making sure you know your own personal Definition of Happiness first.

Check it out by clicking here.

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