The Daily "Three Great Things" Habit

A Daily "Exercise" to Instill an "Attitude of Gratitude"

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Studies have shown that our minds respond emotionally to what we focus on. One easy tip to help us stay focused on the positives in our lives is the “Daily Three Things” or “Daily Blessings” practice.

The basic premise of this tip is to develop a habit at the end of everyday to recall three things that were great about your day – or that you feel “blessed” about. This may be more difficult than it sounds – especially on those stressful, challenging, “bad” days we all have sometimes.  It's especially tough when we are dealing with major adversity.

But those are the days when it’s most important to remember what was great about your day – even if they are just little things. And many times, on these “bad” days, our minds don’t even let us think about what went right or what good things happened. That’s when it may need to be “forced”.

Doing this with someone – like your spouse, significant other, parents, children, friends, siblings, room mates, or whoever you’re with on a daily basis - can help in this situation. Even on the good days, though, it’s great to get into this practice with someone everyday.




A "Gratitude Journal" is a great way to make this a habit. 

An Example:

If you’re not with someone daily, then write the three things down anyway, for yourself (and you can write more than three if you want - like I've done on my list example from today above). 

Make it a habit.  Do it everyday.

You’ll soon probably find yourself addicted to the process. Even better, you’ll start really feeling a lot happier. Really!  I guarantee it! 


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