The Secret

The Secret is a very popular concept these days. It relates to the law of attraction, which basically teaches that people's thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) dictate the reality of their lives, whether or not they're aware of it.

I believe this is just ONE of many factors which determine the quality of our lives and our ability to Be Happy!

Since it is one component of the BeHappy! process - and because this BeHappy! site is dedicated to providing EVERYTHING you need to have the happiest possible life - here is the essence of The Secret. Use it as one piece of your "map" (along with the other tools and strategies found here) toward your final destination of total happiness and fulfillment.

It may be something you'll want to read everyday. Maybe you want to memorize it and recite every morning while you're getting ready for the day ... and/or at the end of the day before you go to bed. You might want to print it out and place it in several locations around your home or office.

Whatever way you choose is fine ... just use it. It will surely help.

I am a magnet with my thoughts and feelings.
I am clear and precise about what I want.
I focus as often as I can on what I want.
I feel the feelings of having it now.
I visualize every day with emotion.
I don't get caught up in the hows, it's not my job.
I continue to speak, act and think only of what I want, and do not speak of what I don't want.
I have faith.
I am certain that I will receive what I want.
I expect everything to go right for me.
Gratitude is a powerful force so I look for things to be grateful for.
I love and appreciate myself, every single day.
I look for things to make me feel good and bring me joy.
I feel love and gratitude for everything and everyone around me everyday.
I know that I am powerful, magnificent, worthy, deserving and perfect as I am.
I follow my own heart.
I am present.
All of my power is in the moment of now.
I learn to become still and I have control of my thoughts.
I give to myself and fill myself up with love, until I am overflowing!
Have fun, laugh, play, love, and say 'yes' to life.


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