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The Dash

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Most people CAN'T be happy! It's a statistical fact. And there's a very fundamental reason for this fact.

While I am over-simplifying it a bit, the bottom line is that most of us simply don't really know what would truly make us happy. I call it our personal Definition of Happiness (and everyone's is different).

We think we know ... things like more money, a better job, less stress, more free time, a better relationship, and so on.

But really, most of us don't really know. That's one of the reasons why there are so many unhappy people in this world. Even rich, healthy, successful, famous, spiritual people with great relationships can be basically unhappy - at least partly because they haven't taken the time to really know what would truly make them happy.

In other words, they haven't figured out their own personal Definition of Happiness.

So, I've developed a simple tool to help you find out your personal Definition of Happiness. You can get it right now by simply clicking on the "Get Instant Access" button in the box above, and when you do, I'll send you two of my popular ebooks as a FREE gift - Be Happy at Work and A Guide to Healthy Living:

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