Stress List

(A list of life's major stresses and how to start dealing with your own stress)

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Stress is a fact of life.  Our world is just "stressful" these days.  Then, on top of that, we all have circumstances, situations, and activities that add to that "baseline" stress and can produce anxiety.




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Depending on the types of circumstances you are facing - and the number of them in your life - there could be significant health implications as well.

Below is a list of life's stressful events as compiled and scored by psychologists.

Use this list to see where you fall on the "stress scale" in your life today.  To do this, check the ones that relate to you right now (in other words, the events or circumstances which are happening in your life now, or have happened recently).   Then, add up the numbers to the right of all the ones you checked and you'll get a "stress score".

Then, use the chart below the list (towards the bottom of the page) to determine where you are on the "stress scale".

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Your "Stress Score" and Health:

30% chance of a stress-related illness
50% chance of a stress-related illness
80% chance of a stress-related illness

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Personal comment: I noticed (as maybe you have) that there is nothing on this list about the death of one of your children as one of life's most stressful events - which I would consider as THE most stressful event imaginable. I have experienced this in my family (not me thankfully, but three of my family members have had their children die in accidents). This, I believe, would rate even higher than 100 on the stress score (which is the rating for the death of a spouse). And while the death of a spouse would certainly be unbelievably traumatic (i.e., stressful and deserving of a '100' score) the death of my child would be at least as painful/stressful. I'm not sure why the psychologist(s) who created this list left that off the list. In any case, if you've experienced this terrible event, rate it at whatever level you feel is appropriate.


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