Relationship Communications: Asking Questions

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Throughout the BeHappy! system, I suggest that “being happy” is the first step toward a great relationship – or even to find the right relationship.

It is also well accepted that a fulfilling relationship requires quality communication.  The ability to maintain a close connection, solve problems, plan the future, and even have great sex are based on the ability to exchange ideas and talk openly about important issues, goals, and aspirations.  Unfortunately, communication is one of the areas many couples fail to get right.

Some couples just don’t talk enough.  Others talk too much (yes, that is possible – especially if the discussions are all about “relationship issues”, or if the people involved have different communication styles).  Then, there is the issue of “talking about sex”.  For many couples talking about sex is taboo. It's not that they don't have sex, it's that they have problems talking about it. It can lead to disappointment, lack of satisfaction, and eventually a breakdown in sexual activity.

So, what's the bottom line?  Well, there are strategies and techniques for good communicating.  Some of these techniques are general life lessons on interpersonal interactions.  Some are specific to one-on-one intimate relationships.

For example, one great strategy for couples to use to improve communications is to ask questions.  This should happen at any stage in a relationship.  Whether you are in a brand new relationship (or even just starting to explore a new relationship opportunity) or you’ve been in a relationship for years, asking the right questions is critical to really knowing your partner.

So, the best thing to do if you want to improve your relationship – or get a new relationship started on the right path, with the greatest potential for it to flourish into a long-lasting, fulfilling connection – is to develop a list of questions to ask your partner (or potential partner).  Categorize the questions into specific areas that are important to you.  Then, find the best way to talk to your partner.  There may be right and wrong times to talk, for example.  Then, ask the questions.  Be interested and engaged in the process.  Don’t barrage your partner with question after question.  Take it in pieces and do it with a conversational style.  Get in the habit of doing this regularly.  Keep up your list of important issues to discuss.  Continuously develop new questions.  And, it is ideal if you can get your partner to ask questions, too.  It will improve your relationship – and your entire life - tremendously.

Here's a product that can help with your relationship communications by providing you the questions to ask each other and the strategies you can use to ask those questions.  And, it comes with several free bonuses, too - like 101 Romantic Ideas and The Newlyweds' Guide to a Happy Marriage.

Check it out by clicking here.

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