Patricia Edwards

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Patricia Edwards has spent over 25 years interviewing, hiring and coaching high potential professionals while in senior Human Resources Manager roles for Fortune 200 and Fortune 500 companies. She has a varied industry background including: E-services and technology, financial services, architectural services, health care, sales, customer service, light manufacturing, private and public sectors. Patricia has been a trusted advisor to all levels of employees, senior managers and CEOs.

Although she had a stellar career path, she realized a few years ago that she lacked fulfillment and optimism. Being a lifelong learner, she started to voraciously read what was available on Positive Psychology and became fascinated with the power and ability to transform her thinking and life.

Along the way, she also discovered her gift and passion is helping people discover their talents and strengths, enhance their confidence and position themselves to their maximum in order to attain their ideal career.

Patricia knows what it takes to be successful in the workplace. She has been responsible for talent acquisition and retention for growing organizations, including one named as a top employer in the Tampa Bay area for three consecutive years. Patricia has coached hundreds of employees, at all levels, to their career success. She now shares her career wisdom with job seekers, high potential professionals and/or organizations.

What differentiates Patricia from other Career Coaches? Simply put, decades of experience in diverse industries and organizations. If you are looking for a Career Coach, be sure to interview the individual. Be sure he or she has hands on experience - not just a coaching certificate.

Patricia is a graduate of Iowa State University and has completed coursework towards an MBA and MS in Organizational Development/Human Resources Administration at both Iowa State University as well as Florida Institute of Technology.

Patricia can be reached via www.CareerWisdomCoach or

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