You are the glue that holds the family together. You are Mother, Father, Sister, Daughter, Wife, Friend all wrapped up in a bundle that is held together by glue.

You are strong even when you don’t feel it. You go on even on the days you want to walk away; even when your faith is being tested you are being held together by glue.

You keep on trusting that the glue won’t peel away. It won’t because you are super glue.

The tears you shed, know that you're not alone for your belief system is strong, strong as glue.

Glue is used to bond things together, just as you are bonded to your family & friends. It is strong, & that glue is God and he is stuck to you just as you are stuck to God.

And “WE” are all bonded to GOD.

This I wrote for you my friend,

I Love you, Always,

Karen Isaksen