The Be Happy! Financial Plan Outline
for a “Bad” Economy

Step 1 Instructions: Fill out as many of the blanks in this outline as possible.


Financial Goals:

  • This Year:

  • Next Year:

  • Five Year:

  • Ten Year:

  • Twenty Year:

  • Lifetime:

Current Financial Status:

  • Available Cash:

  • Monthly Household Income:

  • Total Monthly Expenses:

Personal Strengths:

Opportunities to Improve Financial Status:

  • Expense Reduction Opportunities:
  • Additional Income Opportunities:

Current “Fear Factor” (high, medium, low):

  • Strategies to Reduce Fear Factor:

Current Risk Level (1-10 scale):

  • Strategies to Manage Risk:


And, we must focus on:

  • Our relationships (not our problems)
  • Our opportunities (not our losses)
  • Our progress (not our setbacks)
  • Our goals (not our current situation)
  • What we are grateful for (not what we don’t have)

Based on all of the above, my immediate Actions will be:

This will help achieve the following within 12 months:

Step 2 Instructions: Now, using the main points from the information generated above, start creating your Financial Plan for the next couple of years. Start with this year and list your goals, your immediate actions, and your timelines for assessing your progress. This, along with the tools listed below will help document your Financial Plan.

Expense Reduction Advice

Goal Setting

Family Budget Templates

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