Private E-Coaching
Basic Package

With this coaching package you can send me 4 e-mails per month with your goals, issues, or questions. Each e-mail should contain just one topic or objective since the best way to address anything is by taking one issue at a time. If you want to achieve multiple goals or have several issues to address, for example, you should decide which goal you want to achieve first and give your full attention to it.

In the first e-mail you should introduce yourself and provide enough background details for me to get to know you and understand the most important facts about you. You should describe your personality, hobbies, family life, what you do, what you want to achieve, and what challenges you experience in your life (especially as they relate to your happiness - or unhappiness).

My first e-mail to you will contain some aspects of creating your personalized action plan for happiness or, if something was unclear or some information was missing in your first e-mail, I will ask for clarification and then I will follow up with information on your personalized action plan.

About once per week - on average - I will provide additional direction to you that will lead you to the achievement of your objectives. I will hold you accountable for making progress on your happiness and provide support if you find it hard to keep up. You will gain new habits that are the most useful for you and I will make sure you continually get happier.

I will also explain how you can become self-disciplined to achieve your goal and get rid of any fear that you have which prevents you from achieving your desires.

Once you start designing and implementing your action plan, you will likely experience challenges. When you are faced by some issue, send me an e-mail and we will deal with it together. Also, if you get doubtful or discouraged, let me know and I will help you change your perspective and become inspired to continue pursuing your objectives and goals.

You can cancel your e-mail coaching plan at anytime by sending me an email with an “Unsubscribe” title. I will unsubscribe you in 1-2 business days and refund any unused (prorated) fees.

If you really want to have a better, happier life, here is your chance to do that. I have made my coaching really affordable but that's why I limit the number of people I take on. So I urge you to get my coaching now because the spaces are really limited.

If you have more questions about my coaching, contact me through this website, just click the “contact” link on the left hand side.

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