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Better Sex
Video Series

Real couples and leading sex experts take viewers on an erotic, three-volume journey to enhanced intimacy.

Oral Sex
For Couples

This 3 disc DVD set has everything
you need to know about having
great oral sex.

500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets

Proven secrets to add more passion and intimacy to your sex life.

Better Sex Audio
and Picture Course

A guide to "sexual mastery" for
both men and women

Fantasy Sex Stool

Take the strain off your thighs, enjoy weightless sex, bounce up and down on your partner with ease, & try new positions

The Better Sex Guide

The definitive manual on sexual intimacy and satisfaction.


Sexy Crotchless
Body Stocking

Take your bedroom attire to the next level with these "hot" sexy body stockings.

Language of Desire

How to make a man sexually obsessed with you.  The BEST woman's sex advice on the planet.  Guaranteed.

Great Head Oral Gel

Flavored gel that creates a slippery sensation in the mouth and throat during oral favors.

Vaginal Cleansing System

Feel fresh, clean, and confident all the time with this all-natural therapeutic solution.


Sexy See-Through
Briefs for Men

Sexy men's see-through underwear with pouch.

Revolutionary Sex

How to give a woman the sexual experience she's always dreamed of.

Fresh Balls Lotion

An all-natural product that is
formulated to keep your
"private area" fresh and dry.

1234Men's Sex Guide

1234How To Give A Woman
Intense Sexual Pleasure.


300 Creative Dates

Dating ideas for that first or
second date - or for putting some spark into a long-term relationship.

Talking Dirty for Women

The best way to help you
spark passion in your sex life!

More Great Products to Help You Have Better Sex Coming Soon!

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Thank you.   It is greatly appreciated.

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